Power Washing and Staining A Deck Properly Can produce Amazing Results!

You do not have to get your deck replaced just because the appearance of the wood has diminished. A properly performed pressure washing or new staining/treatment may be all that is needed to restore wood decks to a new appearance. Deck cleaning and sealing is an affordable project and ensures a healthier wood surface.

Whether you want to restore a deck or just clean a deck to make it look more appealing, Perfect Touch Painting can complete the job professionally and affordably.

Many new deck owners have been advised to allow their wood deck to “weather” for one year before staining or sealing it. This simply is not true. The wood on your deck should never be allowed to turn gray and be exposed to oxidation. Pressure washing, and staining your wood deck will prevent this from happening. Also, any deck owner should seek advice on a proper maintenance schedule.

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Pressure washing decks is rewarding if done properly and a clean deck will inspire you to spend more time outdoors

Just Because A Wood Deck Appears Old And Worn, Does Not Mean It Can’t Be Restored
We can restore a deck to it's original appearence with our deck washing, staining and wood sealing services

By Pressure Washing This Deck, We Were Able To Bring Back The Original Finish
Maintain Your Deck

Properly Pressure Washing Decks Can Yield Amazing Wood Restoration Results


Deck Stains

For This Deck, A Simple Bleaching And Light Rinsing
Deck Cleaners and Sealers

Power Washing This Deck With The Proper Technique Showed Unbelievable Results
Wood Sealers

Transform An Old Worn Deck Into An Outdoor Gathering Place With Pressure Cleaning